trial juryThe Law Office of Lance Turnbow handles all types of criminal cases. I have offices in San Marcos and New Braunfels so I can defend clients all over Central and South Texas. I firmly believe that aggressive representation is the only way to preserve your legal rights. I am a criminal defense attorney because I have a passion for it. I defend every client to the absolute best of my ability in every case, from traffic tickets to first-degree felonies.

If you are facing criminal charges, you are probably scared and confused. Please call the Law Office of Lance Turnbow and set up your FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION. As an experienced criminal defense attorney I can answer your questions and explain your options. I will use all my abilities to thoroughly investigate your case to make sure we have developed the best possible defense prior to discussing plea negotiations or going to trial. I handle all aspects of criminal law including, but not limited to:

  • Misdemeanors
  • Felonies
  • DWIs
  • Drug Offenses
  • Assault
  • Criminal Theft Cases
  • Public Intoxication
  • Traffic Violations
  • Juvenile Crimes
  • Expunctions
  • Essential Needs
  • Licenses
  • Minor in Possession/Consumption

If you are facing criminal charges and are in need of a criminal attorney in San Marcos, Texas, please call The Law Office of Lance Turnbow to set up a free initial consultation. I will be glad to answer any questions you may have, as well as explain the next steps in the process. Knowledge is power, so you should make every effort to find out as much as you can.