Choose the right criminal attorneyLance Turnbow speaks with potential new clients every day. They have many different concerns.

Some are concerned about price, some are concerned about how long it takes to get their case resolved, some are only concerned with the outcome. All those are important factors and all must be considered.

A lot of people call and just want a price, without even discussing their case. Evaluating an attorney solely on how much he or she charges is not the best way to get outstanding representation.

You can find a wide variety of fees for the same types of cases and many times hiring the least expensive or most expensive is not a good idea.

According to Lance, the best attorney to hire is the one you feel comfortable with.

If an attorney does not treat you with respect or make you feel comfortable, do not hire them. If they act as if they do not have time for you, they probably don’t and will handle your case accordingly.

A good attorney will be honest with the you regarding the potential outcome of your case. If they make promises without even seeing an offense report they are being reckless and negligent.

Lance is very honest with all his clients and potential new clients. If someone has a good case, he will tell them. If they have a bad case, he will tell them.

Lance Turnbow prides himself on his communication skills and his clients always know where they stand regarding the potential outcomes of their cases.

People should trust their instincts. If you feel comfortable with an attorney, he or she is probably going to do a good job. If you don’t feel comfortable, go talk to someone else.

If you want to discuss a criminal matter contact Lance Turnbow Attorney At Law.