Article by: Lance Turnbow, Attorney

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As an attorney who handles lots of controlled substance cases, Lance Turnbow can tell when he sees a trend. Over the last couple of years the number of cases involving adderall has increased dramatically. Adderall is very popular among students and many students have told him how easy it is to get a prescription for it. However, many people buy it and take it without a prescription, without knowing it is a felony. That’s right, in any amount adderall is at minimum a state jail felony charge. That means the penalties are significantly higher than those for possessing a tiny amount of marijuana.Pill bottle full of Adderall pills.

If you or someone you know gets caught with even one pill without a prescription, the case will be handled in District court as a felony. If you do take adderall with a doctor’s prescription make sure you always have the bottle with you. Some law enforcement officers will arrest you if you do not have the prescription bottle with you.