Article by: Lance Turnbow, Attorney

Lance Turnbow AttorneyAs a criminal defense attorney, Lance deals with a lot of probation revocations. He has found that there is a huge difference in the way revocations are treated from one county to the next. In certain counties (like Comal) even a misdemeanor probation revocation frequently ends with at least a 30-45 day jail sentence. While in counties like Travis or Hays the courts prefer to extend probation and in turn the defendant pays the county more money in probation fees. There are a few common reasons people have their probation revoked.

New Offenses

Many probationers pick up a new charge before finishing probation for their original case. Judges obviously treat this more seriously because they look at it as a pattern of criminal behavior and feel like they really need to get your attention.

Failure to Pay Fines

Many people do not understand how expensive probation can be. Usually in addition to your fine and court costs you pay a monthly $60 fee to probation. If a judge feels like there is no chance that you will ever get current on your fees he or she is less likely to leave you on probation once a revocation is filed.

Positive Urine Tests

The most common reason for revocation among probationers is one that many people don’t think about until it is too late… Positive drug screens, particularly for THC (marijuana). Most people do not realize that marijuana can stay in your system for 30 days or more depending on how long you have been smoking. Many defendants show up for their probation meeting and think they will be fine when the urine test is conducted only to find out that the marijuana they smoked three weeks before still shows up.

If you are on probation and facing revocation, continue to report and contact a qualified criminal defense attorney. Lance Turnbow can usually keep people out of jail if they are serious about making an effort to get in compliance with the terms of their probation. Do not give up simply because a motion to revoke has been filed, that does not mean it will be granted by a judge. If you have criminal law questions contact Lance Turnbow Attorney At Law.