Article by: Lance Turnbow, Attorney

Attorney, Lance Turnbow, was contacted earlier this week by a lady who needed help with a speeding ticket. She gave her information to him and he contacted the municipal court to find out the status of the ticket. The clerk informed Lance that it would cost $1,337 to resolve the ticket. It was for speeding and it was issued back in 2007. If the ticket had been handled properly back in 2007 it could have been dismissed for between $100 and $200 (depending upon whether she did deffered disposition or defensive driving).

However, since she missed her court date, a failure to appear citation was also issued. Not only that, once the ticket went to warrant status she basically had no option to get it dismissed and was stuck paying it and having it on her driving record. This of course will make her insurance go up. The court had also charged her late fees on both the original ticket and the failure to appear charge.

The moral of this story is that even tickets can turn into huge problems if not handled properly. These things do not get better when they are ignored or forgotten about. If you are facing any sort of criminal law problem, whether it is a ticket, a misdemeanor or a felony, speak to someone that can help you resolve the situation before it gets worse. If you want to discuss your case call Lance Turnbow Attorney-At-Law.