As a criminal defense attorney in San Marcos I handle lots of different cases for people of all ages and backgrounds.  I am constantly amazed that many people charged with theft  either try to handle their case themselves or settle for something less than an ideal outcome.  If you are charged with theft, you MUST have your case resolved in a way that makes you eligible to expunge your arrest.  Your arrest can only be expunged if your case is dismissed without a court-ordered probation.


Many potential employers will overlook a DWI arrest as a “stupid mistake” instead of a larger problem.  However, no one wants to hire someone who has a theft arrest because they don’t feel like they are trustworthy.  If people don’t trust you, they won’t hire you.  If you are charged with theft you need to hire a good criminal defense attorney and get yourself eligible to expunge your arrest.  It will always show up on background checks until it is expunged.  I recently had a 56 year-old woman call me because she needed to expunge a theft arrest from 1982!  After all these years it was still causing her problems because it showed up when she applied for a promotion.


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