Every state handles the possession of drugs differently, and the repercussions vary widely.

Drug possession can range from having a small amount for personal consumption all the way through to larger amounts with the intent to distribute or to sell.

In some states, illegal marijuana possession (less than two ounces) varies from a petty offense whereas in Texas it is often a Class B misdemeanor- permanently reflected on your record if you are convicted.

The goal of the prosecutor is to prove you knew the substance in question was a controlled or illegal substance, and that you were aware of having control or possession, of the drug.

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Living with a Drug Possession Conviction Can Make Your Future Very Challenging

For those who have a criminal record, it may be difficult to find a job or a place to live.

You will no longer be eligible for state and federal student loans. Many people lose their driver’s license for 6 months or more. You could be sentenced to jail time.

We are proud to serve our clients and keep their records clean.

After working on hundreds of cases, we are not only familiar with the process and tactics of the prosecution for drug possession cases in San Marcos, but we also know and understand the individual prosecutors and judges working on drug crime cases.

Through these personal ties, we can determine the best way to proceed for the maximum benefit of our clients.

At the Law Office of Lance Turnbow, we will research every aspect of your case in order to determine whether or not you were legally confronted and searched if any other particular of the investigation was mishandled, and ultimately choose the best strategy to minimize any negative impact to your life.

Being charged with the possession of a drug in San Marcos is not the end.

Ultimately, if possible, the goal is to have the case dismissed by the court. If any of the charges stick, we will work tirelessly to clear your record for the future, including removing your mugshot from the Internet if your case was sealed or expunged.

So, do yourself a favor- contact the Law Office of Lance Turnbow today to help clear your name so you can focus on the future and put this unpleasantness behind you.